Inappropriate job listing - have you noticed an inappropriate job listing on this jobs site? If you have, please call the service centre on 0800 65 65 68 or send feedback here.


Minimum Wage Increase - as of April 1 2021, the minimum wage is now $21.20. Please make sure your Vacancy Ads are updated to reflect this. More information is available here.

Hoax emails - we have had an increase in the number of hoax emails coming through from potential employers or applicants. If you notice any thing suspicious, especially emails asking for personal information or requesting to transfer funds/wages in advance, please call the service centre on 0800 65 65 68 or send feedback here. Remember, we will never ask you for any personal information over email.

Cybersecurity Alert - fraudulent online activities are on the rise and scammers keep coming up with more creative ways to take advantage of people's good nature and/or sense of fear. An example is someone who pretends to be a job seeker, applies for a job and then asks for money to support the application process. Once they have received your payment, they will disappear with your money and become uncontactable. For more information, visit the Farm Source website.


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